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Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe & Linz Electric partner up to provide innovative solutions for the African market


Almere, The Netherlands

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe (MTEE) is glad to announce a strategic partnership with Linz Electric SPA, a specialized and dedicated company producing alternators and rotating machines. With common goals, MTEE and Linz Electric will provide innovative solutions primarily for the African industrial market. In collaborating with a partner like Linz Electric, we can deliver even better products that meet the market's demands. Furthermore, it allows us to expand our African market position further.

The logical choice 
As part of its strategy to assist genset OEMs in the African region, MTEE has teamed up with Linz Electric. The company produces high-quality products with a dynamic and innovative spirit encompassing the whole corporation. The technical and service teams are eager to collaborate and share their knowledge with our counterparts at MTEE. In addition, their sales and production teams communicate closely with us to efficiently manage the delivery schedules. “The partnership with Linz Electric feels like the logical choice", says Paul Kaliski, Product Manager G-drive at MTEE. 

Key player in the energy sector
Alberto Azzolini, Sales Manager at Linz Electric says, “It is an honor to have been chosen by such a prestigious organization as Mitsubishi for this initiative”. Like Mitsubishi, Linz Electric sees continuous growth for genset in the African market. This collaboration will play a crucial part in Linz Electric’s strategy to strengthen its worldwide brand and to be more and more a key player in the energy sector”. 

One of the first jointly developed solutions is the PowerPackPlus product range. The union of Japanese and Italian technical and manufacturing expertise in the PowerPackPlus provides customers with a dependable, durable, efficient and cost-effective power-production unit. More details about the PowerPackPlus will be announced shortly.

About Linz Electric SPA 
Linz Electric was founded in 2002 and operates in the energy transformation field. They are specialized in the design, production and sales of Made in Italy alternators and rotating machines. The twenty-year-long experience of its designers, together with the strong propensity for innovation and significant investments, have led in a few years to the development of a full range of products. The high-quality standards are recognized and appreciated in more than 80 countries by major generator manufacturers. A fundamental characteristic of the company is the flexibility guaranteed by the solid vertical integration of production processes: the main components of its products, including coilers, diecast components, shafts, electronic adjustments, and inverters, are made entirely at its own facilities. Linz Electric is part of Pedrollo Group.

About Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe
MTEE is a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, located in Almere. At the Engine & Energy Division we engineer, market, sell and service engines and generator sets for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa. Our products are typically used for Industrial and Marine applications, like data centers, offshore wind solutions and inland shipping. As a supplier of energy solutions, MTEE is preparing for a sustainable future and the energy transition the world faces, supported by our offices in Norway and France.

As part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, we share its global commitment to using technology and engineering to be a leading producer of quality engine & generator set products. We are committed to earning the trust of our customers by offering an experience of reliability. Working closely with our broad network of advanced partners, we diligently apply our expert approach to creating excellent products and practical solutions. Using the power of collaboration to help support sustainable societies. This is what it takes to move the world forward.

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Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe
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Pedrollo Group
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